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How you can support ACEF’s work

Whether you are able to commit your time and skills or offer contacts and funding – there are many ways you can get involved.  Every small contribution adds up to making a significant and long term difference to our young people and the community in which they live.  We ensure your contribution matters,  we are a small volunteer led charity with only essential  overheads such as insurance so you can be reassured that  every penny raised is used to support the school and the students.

Monetary Donations

IMG_1298Currently ACEF commits to feeding every child in the school three times a week (and the orphans once every day). But we would like to increase this to five times a week – help us by making a regular donation via JustGiving. £5 per month from you, can feed a child for a month.  That is less than buying a coffee and cake!

We also have a £5 Challenge which is a great way for youngsters in the UK to show their entrepreneurial spirit whilst raising funds for ACEF. The children work in teams, often as part of a school group, and they dream up a way to grow £5 into £25 or more. There have been many ideas that children have come up with (click here for a newspaper article) and as well as raising money they have developed their own enterprise skills and global awareness.


Engage your colleagues, your friends and family in helping to make a difference to these young people.  This fundraising can be in any part of the world – help us to make a difference – every penny matters.  Hold an office bake, donate your change when you purchase a coffee or run a half marathon for us.

In the past thousands of pounds have been raised through our wonderful volunteers – A quiz night in the pub run by a couple generated 16 food bags enabling us to feed almost two children for the year.  A whip round at an end of a meeting generated enough money to feed 42 children for a month.  A small junior school is holding cake and book sales to generate enough funds to feed 50 young people.  Supporters opened their garden to the public raising over £500. Many people have taken part in one of our Charity Bike Rides.

It need not take a huge amount of effort in time and imagination to make a significant difference to our young people in Kenya. Click here for other ideas to make small donations go a long way.


We are keen to have people bring their talents, energies and ideas to ACEF – if you have time and talent to help grow ACEF, we would love to incorporate your capabilities.   We need enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who can help us develop ACEF, who can challenge our direction and help us find new avenues for fundraising and raising the profile of both Brainhouse and ACEF or just provide some time to support our efforts. If interested please contact us.

holly leaving holding handsJoin us on one of our leadership trips or working holidays in Kenya. We would welcome your skills and talents

Forthcoming trips in 2017 will focus on further developing the management skills and talents of our young teachers to run the school effectively and to become self reliant.  In addition we wish to enhance the IT provision in the school, introducing technology and developing appropriate skills of staff and students.    If interested contact us.

During these visits we will also be exploring further how we redevelop the sanitation in the school and installing biogas generation. If you have expertise or would like to get to understand this technology then get in touch.

Gifts in kind

Donating items that will make the lives of the children at Brainhouse Academy easier, freeing them up to learn. Our Brainhouse Bags can give you the opportunity to offer items for an individual orphan to support their learning and their personal well-being.

Gifts in kind, such as items for prizes or raffles and other fundraising activities.

Spread the word

Like” our Facebook page, “share” our links and help us to spread the word amongst your friends and work colleagues so they too have the opportunity to get involved.

Interested in supporting us? Click here to find out how to donate.