Making an impact

Why we do what we do

Can you imagine being a young 11 year old facing each day knowing that you have nowhere safe to sleep, no certainty of a mouthful of food to settle your hunger pains and knowledge that danger lurks around every street corner.

This was the day to day reality for so many of the 940 plus young people who now attend Brainhouse Academy.  Life was bleak, life had little meaning other than finding the next mouthful of food by whatever means possible, even if that meant putting your life at risk. 

Through the amazing generosity of our families, friends, colleagues and volunteers, we have managed to generate a new future, new opportunity and life for these young people.  They are now thriving within a caring school community, they feel safe, are nourished and happy, and they have dreams and aspirations of a positive future.

eunice and kids nonuinformInstead of climbing and sifting through rubbish heaps, hiding to stay safe – they are out playing football, learning how to sew, sitting quietly reading, enjoying friendships, experiencing the thrill and power of learning and above all having space and time to be a child.

“Children in this community had lost their hope, we work hard to bring their hope back.  We want them to understand that they are not unfortunate, just because of where they were born. They can have hope, they can have a future”. The words of Madame Mary, Matron and Deputy Head at Brainhouse Academy give you an insight into why the school was established.

Together, ACEF and Brainhouse have achieved so much – we have given these young people clean water, beds to sleep in, food to eat, books to read, balls to kick, experiences beyond the slum to enjoy.  However none of us can stand still, we have to continue to be able to feed our young people, develop their skills to enable their dreams to be reached, improve the fabric of their community. We can only do this with your help and support.

Our objectives for this year are:

  • To feed every child, every day of the week – to do this we need £14,000 – we will achieve this through all our core fundraising and your generous donations.
  • To continue leadership and management skills both for staff and students – we will do this via training programmes on volunteer visits
  • To continue to introduce IT knowledge and infrastructure to the school which we can facilitate through kind donations of IT equipment and skills.

You can help with all this by taking part in fundraising such as the coffe shop donations, our Bike Ride, promoting the £5 challenge or spreading the word for us, encouraging others to get involved.

You can join us in Kenya as a volunteer – helping to deliver the IT infrastructure and management skills that the school are so keen to improve.

If you want to be engaged in making an impact that really makes a sustained and substantial difference to a community, get involved with ACEF and Brainhouse today.

“We want to say thank you so much to ACEF for what it is doing for our children.  handsYou and the volunteers are helping to save these children, because what happens outside here is terrible!  Do you know the children you see here today, before you came, had to go out after class to look for their own food.  They used very unadvisable methods, like the young girls they go out to do prostitution to get money, others just roamed the streets, the compost heaps, looking for food to eat!  We had ten year olds who knew how to deal a gun.  These are not small things, you know that a child knows how to pull a trigger, but you don’t know where he will pull the trigger.  May be on you or me!!”  Aggrey Omou – Headmaster.  But the hope that the Brainhouse Academy is providing, changes all of this. ACEF’s support has enabled the Headteacher to implement many improvements to the school environment and health and wellbeing initiatives find out more here. 

Help ACEF to continue to support Aggrey to change children’s lives, and change the future of that community.

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