Campaign for Dignity

Latest menstrual technology becomes the go to solution for our parents and teenage girls

We believe every girl should have the means to manage their menstrual cycle, without needing to miss school.  Rochelle Yeo, one of our trustees, took the time to understand the cultural and practical issues facing the young girls who attend Brainhouse, seeking new options to unsanitary rags. This led to the concept of using a menstrual cup.

.facebook_1505637353067This was introduced to the female teachers at Brainhouse Academy in July 2017, with much trepidation as we knew that menstruation, and potentially the use of menstrual cups, is a culturally sensitive topic in Kenya.  However, through Rochelle’s sensitive explanation, she gained the trust of the senior female leaders of the school and they agreed to try the cups themselves, before we approached the girls.  We were then over the moon when Rochelle got the go ahead from the school to offer the cups to all the older girls, as they could really understand the freedom and dignity that the cups afford young women.

Thanks to innovative fundraising with the “Dine for Dignity” campaign, in April 2018 we were able to commission menstrual health and hygiene training, along with providing either a set of reusable pads (which can last up to 1 year) or a menstrual cup (which can last over 10 years), to over 350 girls at Brainhouse.

The ambition was realised – to tackle “period poverty” within the school, whilst at the same time improving the health and self-confidence of the girls.

In addition, we also provided the menstruation materials to over 30 of the girls’ mothers. Not only does this help more women in the community, but having the mothers’ support for this project will help their daughter’s confidence to use the cups. The more people who engage in discussing menstruation, the more the taboos can be quashed.

ACEF is committed to eradicating period poverty at the school and we need to raise ongoing funds to continue providing each new year group of girls with menstruation materials and training, plus we want to enhance the washing facilities in the new toilet block.

If you want to host a Dine for Dignity event, or help support this project in other ways, please get in touch.

To empower one woman is to empower a whole community!