Get involved

How you can support ACEF’s work

Whether you are able to commit your time and skills or offer contacts and funding – there are many ways you can get involved.  Every small contribution adds up to making a significant and long term difference to our young people and the community in which they live.  We ensure your contribution matters,  we are a small volunteer led charity with only essential  overheads such as insurance so you can be reassured that  every penny raised is used to support the school and the students.

Monetary Donations

IMG_1298In 2018 we have two key projects that need your support:

Green Toilets require us to raise £40,000 and the sanitary project needs £5,000. Any contributions towards this will make a huge impact.

JustGiving link for Green Toilets.

JustGiving link for Sanitary Project

ACEF also commits to feeding every child in the school three times a week (and the orphans once every day). But we would like to increase this to five times a week – help us by making a regular donation via JustGiving. £5 per month from you, can feed a child for a month.  That is less than buying a coffee and cake!

On Sunday 3rd June 2018 you can join our Charity Cycle Ride to raise sponsorship in this important year for fundraising.

We also have a £5 Challenge which is a great way for youngsters in the UK to show their entrepreneurial spirit whilst raising funds for ACEF. The children work in teams, often as part of a school group, and they dream up a way to grow £5 into £25 or more. There have been many ideas that child