Grow a £1 into £5

handsIt does not take much to support one of our children – less than a round of drinks in the pub, less than a Costa Coffee and Cake, less than a MacDonald’s meal. I would like to challenge you and those around you to take a £1 and invest it to grow £5.

  • Buy ingredients for a cake and sell slices of it in the office, use those proceeds to make two cakes. The profit from those two cakes will feed two children at least for a month.
  • Challenge the kids in your school to purchase material to wash cars and then on a Friday wash the staff and parent’s cars – the money will soon flood in.
  • Over the weekend decide to drink one less drink in the pub and put the saving towards feeding one of our children for a month.
  • When in town decide not to have that cake with your coffee and put the savings in your pocket to support our children.
  • Hold a tea party or a cheese and wine evening and ask your friends to make a small donation.
  • At work ask all your colleagues to bring in their unspent small currency notes and coins and hand them into ACEF. We will group the money to make it worthwhile to cash in and every penny will go towards feeding our children.
  • Have a small piggybank in your bedroom and place all your small change into it every night, very soon your piggybank will grow fat and can to be emptied into ACEF’s account.

I hope you are getting the message – you really do not need to do a huge amount to make a significant difference to young people who need your help and support. Every penny raised will go directly towards supporting the education and welfare of our young people who attend Brainhouse.

If you want to know more, if you want to visit, please do just contact us, we would be delighted to talk.