The green toilets are growing !


two layers 2March has been an exciting time in the development of the biogas toilets at Brainhouse Academy. After over a year of fundraising, planning and testing we have begun to see the steel framework which will hold these innovative toilets emerging.

IBCBuilt from steel, the two storey building will have the toilet cubicles on the top floor and underneath them there will be the IBCs, huge containers where the biogas will be created. We have even had barrels of dung arriving which will be used to prime the bio-digesters to get the production started before the human waste is added to it!

ManureThis week our volunteer engineer, James who has masterminded the whole project, has travelled out to Kenya to work closely with the local group building the infrastructure. He had the most interesting suitcase full of piping !

We wish James every success in this innovative and essential project. To find out more about this project look here at our presentation about the issues in the area and how this project will deliver real benefits.


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