£5 Challenge – how much can you make it grow?


We know that lots of youngsters are very global in their outlook and want to help those less well off than they are. We also recognise that schools (and parents) are keen to help children to develop their enterprising skills. We have therefore created the £5 Challenge as a way of developing these skills whilst supporting ACEF to feed the children at Brainhouse. The challenge is simple – it costs £5 to feed one of our orphaned children in Kenya for a month – we ask youngsters to grow the £5 we will give them into at least £25 – which will then feed five slum children for a whole month. Your students can be as enterprising and innovative as they like, investing and reinvesting their funds to achieve this goal. We hope local school children can help their global peers and by doing so they can use their own innovation, build self-esteem and have a huge impact on others. We have run this programme successfully with a number of children in the West Midlands and any schools across the country can now take it up. Click here for a leaflet. ACEF challenge The school can chose to provide the initial finance or ACEF charity is also happy to make this initial investment. We ask that children are in teams to increase their team building, negotiation and planning skills and that they come up with some creative but manageable ideas to turn the £5 into a minimum of £25. Here are some possible ideas;

  • Buy the ingredients to cook cakes and hold a bake sale
  • Buy sponges and offer your car washing services
  • Plant some seeds and then sell on the plants you grow
  • Use the money to fund a car boot pitch and sell some pre-loved toys

Schools often then chose to recognise the teams that have the greatest return on investment or the most innovative idea and all participants will get a thank you certificate or card from ACEF’s team (and sometimes the children at Brainhouse themselves)! If you would like your children to take part please contact us today.

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