ACEF Launches Learning Bags


Following on from the huge success of the Books for Brainhouse campaign that Windsor High School and Sixth Form ran in 2013, ACEF is launching a new campaign for more learning materials! Could you imagine going through school never holding a text book of your own, relying on your teacher to transcribe to you every word in the text book!  This is how the students at Brainhouse Academy learn – they have never had the privilege of holding their own text book. Help us, give our young people the thrill of being able to touch, hold and learn from a text book in their hands.  No greater gift could be given to the ambitious young street and vulnerable young people who attend Brainhouse academy.  Give them the means to help themselves to a better future. How can you help ? Please fill a bag with the following:

  • £5 to purchase the specific text books which will be purchased in Kenya to support their specific curriculum needs.
  • An exercise book
  • A Pencil and pencil sharpener
  • A Pen
  • A small activity/learning toy – weighing no more than 4oz – such as a pack of cards, dominoes, counting games, marbles, skipping rope
  • Underwear for either a boy or girl

The bags will be distributed to appropriate children by the Headteacher and so all age related donations will be welcome The money can be donated in three easy ways and every penny donated will go directly to supporting the education of the 946 young students who attend Brainhouse Academy.  Our charity has no overheads so you really will be making a direct difference.

  1. Donate on-line at our special Just Giving page – Print off your receipt and add this into your “Bag for Brainhouse”.
  2. Text 70070 with the code BBLB51£5 (Brainhouse Bags – Learning Bag). Whatever network you’re on, JustTextGiving lets anyone donate by text. It’s free to use, easy to do and every penny goes to charity. Note down the date and time that you sent the text and add this slip of paper into your “Bag for Brainhouse”.
  3. Write a cheque to Akamba Children’s Education Fund and add this into your “Bag for Brainhouse”. 

If you are a tax payer, the on-line approaches will allow ACEF to automatically reclaim Gift Aid. Please drop the bags off to Akamba Garden Centre, Tythe Barn Lane, Solihull. Or send an email to to arrange for the bags to be collected. (If you would rather just make a direct donation to fund more books and learning items to be purchased in Africa – please do this through the same JustGiving or JustTextGiving mechanisms).

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