Brainhouse Library bringing huge joy!


library4 Over two consecutive visits to Brainhouse Academy, volunteers worked hard to get donations of books, transport these and make them accessible to students. But there was always a problem with space at Brainhouse which made it difficult to have the books setup in a proper library format where students could browse to find the book they wanted and then borrow them to help with their studies or just for the joy of reading!

Recent photographs that have been sent now show the library now fully set up. The Principal has been able to create space in an upstairs classroom where the books will be safe but accessible, and we have helped with the costs of decorating and shelving the room. A lending system has been set up and the students are loving the opportunity to visit and access for the first time such a huge array of reference books and general reading.

Massive thanks go to all of the people who have been involved in making this happen over a number of years – particularly Windsor High School and Sixth Form in Halesowen, whose children donated almost all of the very valued books !

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