Breaking Ground


aggrey digging2Exciting progress in being made at Brainhouse on the innovative Green toilets project. This week the Head, Aggrey, can be seen assisting with the digging out of the foundations for construction.

Through the implementation of the Green Toilets we will:

  • Provide a safe and sanitary environment for the students and teachers to go to the toilet – in the slums open defecation is a serious issue.
  • Provide a ready source of biogas, replacing the use of wood and charcoal for cooking, saving the school a significant amount of money.
  • Substantially reduce the risk of spreading deadly diseases and infections through defecation and polluted watercourses.
  • Educate students and the local community about green energy and provide them with skills and knowledge to help them to find work in the future.
  • Provide facilities for the older girls at Brainhouse to maintain their sanitary products – menstrual cups and reusable pads.

diggerACEF staff have been working alongside Brainhouse Academy’s leadership team over a number of years on this project and it is exciting to see it taking shape.  The school has recruited members of the local community to help with the construction and an ACEF team will be on-site at Brainhouse Academy in March and April to support the technical installation of equipment.

We still need further fundraising to allow all of this to materialise this Spring. Please support us in any way you can.


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