Bridging the technology gap


Thanks to the amazing donation from IT Schools Africa, Brainhouse Academy now have computers! This is an incredibly generous donation which will support the school tremendously. Senior teachers at Brainhouse have told us that not only will these computers facilitate research, improve technological awareness, and hopefully allow the government to consider the school for further technological initiatives, but they will help to bridge the knowledge gap between the children at Brainhouse Academy and children from wealthier families in Nairobi, thus improving their future prospects.

IMG-20190228-WA0051IT Schools Africa said “We are proud to partner with ACEF and the Brainhouse Academy to enable quality education through e-Learning. We hope these computers will have a real impact on levels of IT literacy at the school and make a real difference to students, unlocking their potential to access further education and improved job opportunities.

We cannot wait to see what a difference this will make.

If any companies or schools out there are replacing old IT kit IT Schools Africa collect computers, under 6 years old, on a 3 hour sweep from Cheltenham. If you can donate please let us know.

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