Brownies, Guides and Trefoil love a challenge


dorridge browniesThe local Guiding Community in Shirley and surrounding areas have really got behind raising money to support our feeding campaign. They have embraced fully the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) Global Action Theme which is ‘together we can change the world’ and taken on a personal commitment to change the world around them.

They can deliver two of the aims through supporting the ambitions of ACEF – that is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and the other is to remove gender difference in education opportunities. Both objectives that ACEF are passionate about – ensuring that all our students have a good meal a day to support their ability to learn and function and that all our girls are able to attend school every day particularly those in senior school.

3rd Dorridge Brownies were fascinated listening to what life is like for our young people who attend Brainhouse school and set about raising money and collecting spoons, bowls and mugs for our students. In June we go to collect a wonderful £40 from the Brownies.

1st Shirley Guides have already raised a substantial about of money as part of the Millennium Challenge and wanted to ensure that the money went directly to empowering young women in a developing country. After careful consideration they have decided that ACEF is the right charity for them as every penny raised will go directly to supporting the education and welfare of the students who attend the school. They have already raised £170 and on the 7 June they are doing a bag pack at Marks and Spencer’s where they hope to make substantially more money.

Alcester Guides and Rangers invited Liz Formby to speak at their overnight Thinking Day event and pledged to make a difference by raising funds to support Brainhouse. The Rangers organised a 10 pin bowling event and the Guides have worked at collecting the other elements for the food and learning campaign bags.

The older Guiding community (Trefoil Guild) are certainly not resting in retirement, they have already come out all guns blazing – when Liz Formby went to speak to them in February they had already collected boxes of educational material for the school and she came away with her pocket bulging with donations to Brainhouse. They have now issued a challenge to all the other Trefoil Guilds to get behind our learning campaign through a competition to see which Guild can be the most innovative in meeting the requirements of the campaign. We look forward to the results.

We challenge all the other Guiding and Scouting Communities to pick up the challenge and help make a substantial difference to young people who have all the aspirations in the world but not the means to meet their dreams. You could help them get there with a very small contribution – just £30 will buy all the text books a young person will need for their education and the books will be used time and time again. A lifetime gift.

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