Cake Sale and Teddy Bear Tombola keep everyone sweet!


for web yvonne and cakesAt the end of April we were pleased to be invited to Imagination Street in Redditch, an amazing play centre for youngsters, to have a fund raising day.

We had a very successful cake sale and would like to thank people who kindly baked such lovely treats for us.

We also held a Teddy Bear Tombola too with donated teddies that made some small children VERY happy!

The Cake Sale and Tombola raised almost £300 which will make such a difference to our children in Kenya. They unfortunately don’t get the opportunity eat cake or have teddy bears but they will get the huge benefit of books and food which this donation will go towards.

Many thanks to all, especially Matt Jinks, one of the Directors of Imagination Street for giving us this great opportunity.

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