Dance yourself dizzy!


Following the wonderful success of last year’s outing to Nyeri, we wanted to take a different group of young people out to experience something different and to bring the experience back into the school – and boy did they do that.

Boma, is a wonderful cultural village in Nairobi celebrating both the music and culture from all the various tribes that make up the wonderful vibrant Kenyan culture.  I knew we were in for a treat as the coach pulled out of Muthare and the bus began to vibrate with the noise and singing of all on the bus – be it – young teenagers or the headmaster.    You could feel the excitement in the air and if you could not, you certainly could hear it!!

TIMG_1511he afternoon started with a walk around all the traditional dwellings which fascinated our young people – as they tried to work out which hut belonged to whom and realised how their ancestors would have lived.  This was the quiet part of the trip.

The rest of the afternoon was in the Boma watching and joining with all the cultural dances and singers.  The room was full of school groups, but ours stood out as they engaged with the dancers, shared in their excitement and were rewarded by being asked to take part constantly all afternoon.  They roared, they cheered, they clapped, they danced and they laughed – particularly when one of our group was singled out to perform.

Then the final act arrived – they tumbled, they somersaulted, they vaulted over each other, they worked with fire, they set the room alight with excitement.  The sense of fun culminated with one of our volunteers, Ali, and one of the young men from Brainhouse being dragged onto the stage and lifted and thrown through the air as part of the act.  No-one in the audience could have missed Brainhouse.P1060473

On the way home the volume of the coach was even louder, the grins splitting faces.  When they dropped the ACEF team off at the local shopping centre you could hear our bus leaving the shopping centre as it danced its way home.

The next morning the kids in the school astounded as – they were back flipping, somersaulting, hand standing all over the playground – never been seen before.  Just demonstrates what a little bit of inspiration can do, to bring a new dimension to the school.

At our goodbye ceremony – Aggrey got the loudest cheer out when he spoke to the students about the importance of nurturing all talent – be it academic, sporting, drama or music and because he felt so strongly about it, he had decided to build a stage to encourage more performance within the school.

This sums up the journey we have made together to deliver the all-round inspirational education to all.   It is a journey none of us would have missed for the world.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of it.

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