Developing Leaders to sustain development


balloonsA unique turning point was achieved in October 2015 – to date all the investment of the volunteers time in Kenya had been spent in supporting the young people.   However a request came from Aggrey, the Head, that they would really appreciate some training for their Leadership team.   The request was to introduce management, leadership, communications and strategy development – all in four days!!

Never to be daunted by a project – Sarah Hole, Elizabeth Martindale, Tric and Peter Latimer and Liz Formby started to plan how to deliver this request. A challenge – as even telling the team to get into breakout groups would mean nothing to our teachers and asking them to blow up a balloon was a unique challenge.

dreams poster from training for webOn arrival at Brainhouse, you could feel the excitement and slight apprehension from the 16 teachers we were going to participate. The first icebreaker of keeping multiple balloons in the air set the scene for the week – where they learnt that you can have fun whilst learning.  An amazing breakthrough for all the staff. The four days of training were extraordinary, in the experiences we all had and the relationships that were developed. However, the most significant was the strategic discussion that was enabled and the vision that was shared and importantly the young teachers discussing how they want to work towards self-reliance so that they do not lean so heavily on ACEF.

The leadership team sent a thank you to ACEF when we all got home with the following sentiment:

“The management training your team gave our teachers has positively changed the way things are now being done. It was fantastic!” Aggrey, Headteacher 

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