Dignity – Menstrual Management


In Kenya up to 65% of women cannot afford sanitary care.  Our girls are no exception.  When money is so tight you can barely afford food, sanitary products are not considered a necessity, but rather a luxury.  This means the girls are forced to use old rags, paper or even skip school entirely whilst they are on their period missing weeks of crucial education each year.

ACEF believes access to sanitary products should be a basic human right, but until it is, we are running a Girls Health and Empowerment program, making it a goal to ensure that all the girls at Brainhouse Academy are provided with sustainable sanitary care.  We have done this by providing each girl and female adult in the school with reusable sanitary towels or menstrual cups, along with training in sexual health education.RubyCup

To help raise these funds ACEF ran a campaign called ‘Dine for Dignity’ to help bring dignity to all the girls and women of Brainhouse Academy.  We need to extend this campaign this year as new girls will year on year need to access this support.

£5 will pay for a girl to have a fem-kit (containing reusable sanitary towels) which will last a year and just £12 will buy a girl a menstrual cup which will last up to 10 years.

Can you and your friends and colleagues to help us raise this money for the girls at Brainhouse Academy by hosting dinner parties, afternoon teams, bake sales or ‘Come Dine with Me’ style events?

Click here to find out more about a Dine for Dignity High Tea held in New Zealand.

Please donate any funds raised through our JustGiving Dine for Dignity page:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dinefordignity

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