Finstall First School Enterprising Youngsters


We believe that young people are the most creative and inspirational doers – far better than us adults – they can think outside the box and explore new possibilities. Therefore, it is natural that we will turn to young minds for help.  In April 2016, Alison Halford visited Finstall First School in Bromsgrove to launch the £5 Challenge. The two Year 4 classes have banded together and created groups of 4 – 6 pupils. In each team these pupils will be using a £5 investment provided by the charity to buy the resources that they need to run an enterprising endeavour to raise additional funds.

Ideas included

  • Designing a competition such as “beat the goalie”, coconut shy or basketball challenge
  • Holding a music concert or dance show
  • Buying seeds of flowering plants and vegetables, planting and nurturing them and selling them
  • Sorting out old books and DVD and selling on a stall
  • Make and sell bookmarks and other craft trinkets
  • Bake cakes and sell them to teachers and parent

We look forward to their Enterprise Day on the 17th May to see the amazing products and services they will offer to develop their funds.

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