Growing through Sport at Brainhouse


The volunteer group that visited Brainhouse in 2011 helped introduce sport into the school, providing some basic kit and encouraging a range of sports

Volunteers from Manchester Communications Academy spent hours teaching the youngsters how to play new sports – particularly introducing volleyball to the girls.  However, we feared that subsequently sport would revert to just the boys playing football.  Well, how wrong could we be!

We have recently heard that that Brainhouse has a girl’s volleyball team and that the team is number 1 in the District and leading in the league.  They have now been invited to take part in the county championships. This is very exciting and really contributes to putting the school on the map and giving the students a sense of self-worth. Students are using the black and orange sports kit kindly donated in 2011 – however they are playing in bare feet or sharing shoes as they do not have enough to go around.

We have therefore taken up the challenge to provide sports shoes for those students representing the school and we hope to be able to deliver this gift when we go out in October 2013.

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