“How many bones in the Human body?”


Many of the children at Brainhouse have never held a book, and certainly not had the joy of picking up a book to read for pleasure or to research a topic they find interesting. So ACEF took on a major mission of creating a library where Brainhouse children could go to lose themselves in a good read!

Books ready to be shipped by Parcelforce from Windsor High SchoolSome primary books were taken out in 2012, and in 2013 Windsor High School and Sixth Form did a major book collection and around 2000 books were sorted, selected, packaged and shipped. Huge thanks to Parcelforce for donating the carriage of this pallet of books and to all the students at Windsor for donating an amazing range of high quality books, from specialist reference texts to favourite novels.

Since books are seen as so valuable at Brainhouse Academy all existing books were in a locked cupboard and therefore not accessible by students (only by the teachers). During the latest visit, Aime led the library project  and worked with the Headteacher and Deputy to establish how a library could operate to be accessible,  maintained and secure.  Classes now have a scheduled time to visit the library, where they will be able to browse the books on the shelves themselves and a group of student librarians will support them.

There was great excitement amongst students and teacher alike when the books arrived. “How many bones in the human body?” shouted one teacher to another – testing her colleague’s knowledge as she dived straight into the Biology reference books!

plaque picThe Headteacher was equally excited when we unpacked the modular shelving sourced for ACEF by John Stimpson. Enhancing the infrastructure of the school is a huge challenge but here was the whole package to get the library up and running!

There is still more physical work needs completing to get the library set-up, but at the end of the visit we were able to present to the whole school a plaque to commemorate the donation of the library and some artwork which will adorn the walls. A big thank you to everyone for enabling this huge project.

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