MBE awarded to driving force behind ACEF


All at ACEF, and many people around the world, were proud to find our very own Liz Formby receiving a MBE in the 2015 New Years Honours list.

Liz was awarded the prestigious honour because of her self-less work in three key areas. Firstly, her work at the Department for Education with the many vulnerable children in Secure Children’s Homes including providing one-to-one mentoring with youngsters on remand. Secondly, her extensive work over many decades leading and growing the Guiding family, including being the Head of Commonwealth Guiding during a period. Thirdly, and most  importantly to us, was the recognition of her work to build Akamaba Children’s Education Fund into a well-functioning volunteer charity which provides on-going and reliable support alongside innovative projects which have transformed and enriched the lives of so many children from the slums of Mathare North. As commented by Paul Kissack from the Department for Education on hearing the news – “Liz is, in short, an inspiration!”


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