Passion and energy leads to real energy


This week we were proud to welcome home the volunteer team from their visit to Brainhouse Academy. This has to have been one of the most successful trips to the school with so many significant outcomes for the children there.

equalityThe team undertook leadership training for the school staff, building on successful development activities in the past that have really helped the school to be clear about how it can help it’s most vulnerable students in the short and long-term.

afripadsMenstrual management was successfully provided for all girls in the school. Working with partners Afripads and Ruby Cup all of the older girls were provided with the appropriate products to allow them to be confident that they can attend school throughout their menstrual cycle rather than miss important learning.

Gas2Most significantly the toilet block has been built and fitted out so that all of the children can go to the toilet with dignity whilst also providing the source for biogas collection. The biogas digesters were setup and there was an exciting moment when the Headteacher tested out the system, getting the first flame that will eventually be harnessed to provide energy for the school kitchens (previously powered by coal and wood-burning.

The children and staff were delighted and so were the team who have been working so hard on these projects for over a year.

Congratulations to all!


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