Progress and Pee Power


Wall upWell the Brainhouse Green Toilet project is well underway now with a significant amount of land clearance and building work having been undertaken. In this first photograph you can see the exterior wall of the area where the toilets will be. This extends the perimeter of the school and will keep the children safe.

Pee PowerAlso this week our friends from Bristol University visited the school – we’re delivering poo power in the form of bio-gas to act as a cooking fuel, and they’re delivering….you guessed it, pee power!  The electricity generated from the pee will light the toilets. This is such an innovative project and will revolutionise the lives of the children.

But with only weeks now until the main project team arrive in Brainhouse Academy we still need your help!!!
The stars on the picture show the toilets that have been sponsored. However, we need more sponsors to be able to complete the build. ANY contribution would help, but we are really looking for generous benefactors who could sponser a whole toilet for £1500. You can even design the artwork for the door of the toilet.

Can you help? Can your company help? Thank you so much for all your support. pic

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