Readiness for work


Amongst the many amazing books donated this summer where a number of very useful texts to support older students in making applications and going for interviews (for college, university or for jobs).

Nail that Job

Nail that Job!

During the recent volunteer visit Alison Halford delivered a short training session with a group of students on this topic and used the books to support this activity. In particular there were four copies of a book called “Nail that Job” by Sian Case who had donated these personally. By exploring these books with this group of students we know that the step by step info in these guides will be accessed by more students and will certainly make a difference!


We would like to organise work experience for some of the older students in Nairobi businesses. If your place of work has a Kenyan branch – could you make links for the benefit of these youngsters.

For the future, we are also aiming to help students to get involved in activities which have a vocational component, offering useful work skills and something to put on the CV to make them stand out. Examples are experience on the sewing project and helping to maintain the solar power equipment.

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