Rewarding Leadership


Appetite for Leadership

Brainhouse already has outstanding leaders who naturally accept responsibility and support others around them.  However, they want more – the staff and students are thirsty for knowledge and want to do all they can to ensure that they take every opportunity that comes their way to develop their natural gifts.  Leadership is no different – they would like to explore the functions of leadership, the different styles and approaches, develop knowledge on how to inspire, problem solve and deliver a vision.

ACEF would like to work with Brainhouse in developing modules for both the staff and the students who show promise – this will be part of our combined strategy for development as we move forward.  If you are interested in helping deliver this leadership support into Brainhouse do please let us know.  We would be delighted to talk to you about our thoughts and current plans.

Outstanding student credited to Brainhouse

IMG_1261In the Headmaster’s office stood a magnificent trophy. On enquiring about it – Aggrey was so delighted to tell us that one of their students last year had been awarded with the “Best Student Award” for the whole Province!  What an achievement, given the facilities available to teach, but it goes a long way to demonstrate just what incredible and inspirational teachers we have at Brainhouse.

The student who won the award for Brainhouse, inspired Liz Formby two years ago to do more for the school.  The student declared that she wanted to be an Astrophysicist. When challenged around the feasibility of such an aspiration she said that she understood it would be a huge challenge as she had no real means to support her academic studies, but that she would study for a while, then work to raise money, and then study again. That way, she would get there!!  We have no doubt that she will certainly do well and in the meantime we will need to look up and understand more about what an Astrophysicist does!!

ACEF Award

We have reached the stage where we need to start to acknowledge and encourage the wider aspects of being part of Brainhouse – as was acknowledged by Aggrey when he described “nurturing all the talents”.

ACEF would like to encourage this all round development of our young people alongside the recognition that they as individuals also have a crucial role to play in developing and maintaining their community.

To reward such behaviour we are going to create an annual ACEF award for a girl and a boy from each school – Infants, Primary and Secondary school who display the behaviours, attitudes and commitment we are looking for.   The award will be designed in partnership between ACEF and Brainhouse setting out the details and what prize the award will attract.  The final details will be announced at the start of the academic year and then awarded at the annual Prize Giving party in November.

If your organisation would like to sponsor such a prize please do get in touch with us.

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