Sanitary Towels


Providing a sustainable and satisfactory solution to supporting our teenage girls has been a real challenge over the last two years.  We have managed thanks to so many who have provided ST’s and the very generous baggage allowance of Kenyan Airways – however it was just not sustainable.

Then Holly Parrot came up with the ingenious solution of getting the girls to make their own. She sorted out patterns, made them, tested them and engaged many in England to make them.  Holly then joined us on last year’s trip to introduce the home made towels to the teachers and then led a team of volunteers teaching students how to use the donated, hand-operated, sewing machines to make their own.

Again, we wondered how these had worked within the school and whether they had made a difference – when I asked Madam Mary – who is the Mother of the school – whether they were being used and the impact – her reponse ‘Oh yes, they are all being used. The girls are happy with them, they feel better using them – it is cleaner and safer.  They have made a difference to us.’

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