Scouting is alive and kicking!


In 2012 we celebrated the introduction of Scouting into Brainhouse with one of the most memorable days.  We took the new group to Nyeri – one of the iconic homes of Scouting worldwide.  It was a day that will live with many – Madam Eunice said it was the best day of her life, Holly one of the volunteers who organised the trip echoed this view and the students want to go back and experience it all again.

However for me the importance is in the sustainability of what we are seeking to achieve within the school – so with some trepidation we asked what was happening with the Scouts in the hope that it had not fizzled out.  Madam Eunice and Madam Mary looked at me with huge passion and sense of achievement in their faces and said “Scouting is so alive and kicking here in this school – our Scouts were even asked to represent the Province at the National Holiday celebrations in the national stadium”.

What do they say about planting a small acorn ……. I am looking forward to seeing the full grown tree as the sapling is so full of potential.

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