Success in final exams like never before!


Exciting news has emerged from Brainhouse as the examination results have been released. There are some fantastic results – 29 students have achieved university entrance level in their final exams. An amazing achievement for the Brainhouse community, the teachers and the incredible students who have worked so hard to reach these results.

One student, Elizabeth Achieng Owiti has been given a place at University to study Pharmacy, an aspiration she has held for many years. Liz Formby said, “Many congratulations to Elizabeth, I have taken great delight in watching her grow up to be a wonderful woman over the last 6 years. The sadness is that not all will have the finances or access to a scholarship to make the next academic step to meet their aspirations”.

If you can help us find a solution to this so that we can help these students break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their community do get in touch. But for now we salute the wonderful, amazing results of these students who without the amazing dedication of a very special Headteacher and his team would not have these chances in their lives.

Congratulations to Aggrey, the staff and all the students.

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