Text Books thanks to Bernadette’s Trust


In 2015 we set ourselves the challenging target of purchasing a set of text books for every student in the senior school at Brainhouse Academy. For many years we have been seeing how students manage by copying much of their information from the teacher’s book or from the blackboard. The Principal, Aggrey Owiti, asked that we might try to purchase text books particularly for those students undertaking National Examinations. So thanks to a combination of fundraising and a wonderful donation of £5K from Bernadette’s Trust we have just made this desire become reality!

Bernadette’s Trust is a small legacy left by a wonderful lady who’s career, politics and values were rooted in community development, public health, women’s rights and  gender equality. She worked in Kenya and the UK in a range of services and roles that sought to improve health and reduce the impact of poverty. Bernadette has left funds to continue to help others. Her family and friends are proud to be fulfilling her wishes through this charitable trust and ACEF is very proud to be able to utilise this significant donation to provide books which will be a huge legacy for Brainhouse Academy, helping students year after year to reach their academic goals and elevate themselves from poverty. Here is the Trust’s website: https://bernadettestrust.wordpress.com/

The joy of the Principal as he received the first sets of text books was a powerful reminder of what this means to all students there. He said “I would like to inform you and the whole of ACEF that 27/06/2015, was a great day at the Brainhouse Academy. Everybody especially the students and pupils were overwhelmed with joy when the text books bought by the money you sent us arrived in the school compound. On behalf of the Brainhouse community, I would like to congratulate you and your team at the ACEF. You are wonderful people because you have restored hope of these unfortunate children. May God the Almighty water you with His showers of blessings, prosperity and wisdom”.

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