The £5 Challenge – an enterprising approach


ACEF have a very exciting challenge for all youngsters who would like to raise money for charity and at the same time develop their own enterprising skills. The “£5 Challenge”  activity has been undertaken by schools and small groups of individuals who are given £5 as seedcorn funding which enables them to buy resources that they need to then provide services or sell products that will in return raise more funds to donate to ACEF.

One example was an enterprising group of eight and nine -year-olds from Finstall First School, Bromsgrove who took on the challenge and came up with two fundraising schemes.

The first was a Teddy Bear Tombola. Danielle Halford went to a charity shop to spend some of the £5 on cuddly toys and added into the stock some of her own cast-off teddy bears.  Using a borrowed tombola, she and two friends, Felicity Swainland and Eloise Moreton ran the stall at two different locations. They had to attract customers by being confident to talk to passers by and even made announcements on the loud speaker and put leaflets on tables at one venue to tell visitors what it was all about.  The total raised by the tombola was £60.

Next, Danielle and Hannah McNeil manned a stand at a summer fair where they offered glitter tattoos which they taught themselves how to do very professionally. This brought in another £55 for the cause.

The girls had heard about the Akamba Children’s Education Fund through their Brownies and Rainbows groups in Bromsgrove and were keen to get involved in offering their time and ideas to raise money.

One of the mum’s said: “I’m very proud of the girls, who have recognised that other children need help and have done something about it. They have raised an amazing sum through determination and enterprising spirit.

Other children or schools who want to get involved in the “£5 Challenge” should contact Liz Formby on

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