Windsor High School supports ACEF


Windsor High School and Sixth Form

We are delighted to have started a great relationship with Windsor High School and Sixth Form, an Academy in Halesowen, and look forward to this growing and benefiting everyone involved.  We have three great initiatives underway

  1. The students are currently researching how we can make the toilets healthier and more sustainable – looking at green alternatives.
  2. To help raise funds they will be running a toilet twinning project, so you will be able to twin your toilet with one of ours at Brainhouse.  This will involve you purchasing a framed certificate to hang in your bathroom showing all your visitors how you support our work – all proceeds will go directly to support the new toilets in the school.
  3. The students and staff are collecting business and inspirational books to develop the promised library for the older students.  They are also very busy fundraising at the moment to collect the funds to get the books out to Kenya for our trip in October.  (We would like to thanks Shaun Garvey, Standards and Testing Agency for all his support and effort in securing the transportation of the books to Kenya)


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