Tea Party

Earlier this year we took the opportunity to invite many of the past and current supporters of ACEF to a tea party at Akamba. We wanted to update everyone on the many developments that their support has enabled.

Alison Halford talked with great passion about the improvements to children’s health and well-being at Brainhouse Academy; about their developing library and access to sports; the difference that solar power has made and the embryonic use of IT. She brought to life the conditions at the school for those that hadn’t been part of one of the trips, and brought back memories of visits for those that had!

Amie Houlston, who was on the most recent trip on October, then spoke about the contrast she found between Brainhouse Academy and the environment and culture in other schools that she has visited in Africa. As a teacher she told how inspirational she had found the teaching at Brainhouse, how motivated and engaged she had found the children to be, and importantly the care and love that she witnessed across the whole Brainhouse community which she could see came from the exceptional leadership of the Head and senior teachers at Brainhouse.

It is important for us all to recognise that Brainhouse isn’t just any poor school in need of resources, but a place with a purpose, to give opportunities for those children that would otherwise have no hope.

Everyone then spent some time brainstorming new ideas for raising awareness and funds before being given some of the new posters and postcards about the charity auctions and the two key campaigns for this year:

Finally the Treasurer received with thanks cheques from two sizable donations to help with the food campaign.

Many thanks to everyone that came along and participated.