Volunteering my time and talent to help grow ACEF

by Alison Halford

I first came across ACEF when Liz Formby was taking a group out to work with Brainhouse Academy for her fiftieth birthday. I thought that this was an amazingly selfless thing to do as a special birthday celebration!

I am keen for the whole of my family to be involved with the charity – I have a young daughter and I feel that children in the UK don’t recognise the amazing environment that they live in and don’t know that there are children in other parts of the world who have none of the same advantages. I want her to grow up appreciating what she has, and I don’t just mean the games and clothes but also realising that not every child has their Mum and Dad, or enough food in their tummies.

So I have been very happy to contribute my time and skills to help grow ACEF. I have been helping to build ACEFs profile with some support in terms of marketing, enhancing the website and building a Facebook presence. I was very involved in the organisation of the Big Gig Family Fun Day and these are my filthy feet after a hot and dusty, but fulfilling day or entertainment at Akamba. My husband and I also organise the fundraising bike ride something which we love doing as it brings together friends and family for a fun day out, a physical challenge and a great opportunity to raise money.

I hope that you too can see ways that you might get involved. People undertake their own physical challenges – such as climbing Snowdon, or organise event such as Open Gardens and Chocolate Raffles – what could you do?