Your help to harness 940 bottoms!

IMG_1298There are 940 students at Brainhouse Academy and only 16 toilets which are of a very poor quality by our standards. However ACEF is always careful to look at the context and actually the sanitation in much of the slum area is known as the “flying toilet”, the detail of which we can give you another day!

The Headteacher does have a desire to solve two problems in one. Firstly he would like to increase the number of toilets, by smart use of space and materials. He is also worried about the escalating costs of wood, the fuel that is used in the very rudimentary kitchens where they cook one meal a day for the orphaned children.

His vision, therefore, is to move to Biogas harvesting in order to use the by-products of human waste to power the kitchen fires. We recognise we are going to need to think differently about how we move this project forward. We need the involvement of interested people who can also think laterally about where the resources, skills and influence will come from to make this life changing dream become a reality. African use of Biogas is more widespread than in the UK and there is scope for this project to be a significant one from which all parties learn together. This could be an ideal project for a University or corporate to engage with to pose a technical challenge to be resolved.

Can you contribute? Any ideas contact us now by email or on Facebook.