Welcome to ACEF

ACEF is making a significant and sustainable difference to the lives of young and vulnerable children who attend Brainhouse Academy in one of the world’s largest slums – Mathare North, just outside Nairobi, Kenya.

We are passionate about the basic rights of a child – to be cared for, to have a safe place to live, to have good food and clean water to drink, to be protected from harm, to be given a good education. We seek to deliver this to the 800 plus students who look to Brainhouse Academy to protect and educate them, ensuring dignity for every child.

We have some significant challenges which we would love to engage you in:

  • Our girls cannot afford sanitary products and are forced to use old rags, newspaper or just miss school for the duration of their menstrual cycle.  We are changing this and providing sanitary care for every girl.  Join us to extend campaign to more girls.
  • Toilets are a novelty in Mathare North where the use of plastic bags are the accepted norm.  ACEF has constructed a new innovative toilet block enabling waste to be turned to methane fuel, providing both dignity for the children and energy for the school. Find out more about this development and out next steps.

These innovations, plus our core endeavour of providing healthy meals that prepare children for learning, help ensure that our young people feel nurtured and invested in. By giving them the platform of health and education we aim to work with the school to break the cycle of poverty.

Join us in helping make a substantial difference not just today, but tomorrow and the coming years.

ACEF is a completely volunteer led, secular charity, we keep our cost to an absolute minimum, so that every penny donated finds its way to support our children and makes a real difference.

A Message from the Brainhouse Academy Headteacher

‘Believe me; your support does wonders to the children who endure atrocious living and learning conditions in this slum. Your help and support, restores hope to those much less fortunate children who live in Mathare North.   I would like to thank you for all your efforts and support in helping us, help our children

I think you all have done so much for the security of our children. I am saying this without exaggerating – our children are now coming to school, they are staying here.  They have a home, where they can get a hug, get something to eat, where the teachers are friendly, where they do and learn things that are relevant to their futures and our country.  They are safe.  You have made this possible.

Thank you so much, thank you again, may God bless you in very special ways.

 Aggrey Okuma, Director and Headteacher of Brainhouse Academy


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