A passionate commitment developed over years

‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’
Nelson Mandela

The relationship with Brainhouse Academy began when Akamba, a unique Birmingham Garden Centre, started supporting this inspiring school in the slums of Nairobi with small fundraising activities and personal support.

In May 2010 this good work accelerated when Liz Formby inspired a number of her friends and familLiz with booky, as part of her fiftieth birthday celebrations, to make a difference through donations to the school. But a large one-off donation was not enough for Liz and commitments were made to the children of Brainhouse Academy to support them over the longer term and so the registered charity, ACEF – Akamba Children’s Education Fund, was born with Kel Campbell, one of the Directors of Akamba, becoming Trustee. In the early years, the focus was on ensuring the children had sufficient food, and helping with some of the basic health needs.

The charity continues to be run by a dedicated and small group of volunteers, many of whom have repeatedly visited Brainhouse Academy to work on a range of projects and to support the growth of deeper relationships. The focus for all of our fundraising comes from the needs expressed by the Headteacher and his team and has lead us to find innovative ways to bring light, sanitation, books and sport to the school. Each year we take on a new, often innovative, challenges as well as maintaining the absolute core of our work which is to feed the children so that they can access their learning. We hope that you can join us in our passion to improve the lives of these wonderful, yet vulnerable youngsters.

Click here to read about the impressions of recent volunteers who visited Mathare North slums and Brainhouse Academy.

We have made a difference to the dignity of all:

  • providing a reliable and on-going fund for basic food at the school – particularly for the orphans
  • improving the children’s health and wellbeing
  • supporting the leaders and teachers to offer a standard of education that prepares children for the future
  • widening the children’s access to sport and art
  • providing better facilities, including clean water and solar power and our big project for 2018 – Green Toilets
  • connecting the lives of these inspiring children with the lives of our amazing volunteers and UK school children. An enriching experience for all!

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