What we do

What we do

In essence we strive to bring dignity to the vulnerable children served by Brainhouse Academy. By supporting their access to basic facilities such as food, toilets and menstrual care they can access their learning in school and go on to better futures.

Everything that ACEF delivers is done in close partnership with Brainhouse Academy leaders who know what is important for the vulnerable children in their care. Our joint strategy and leadership development sessions have created close bonds, and enabled a clear sense of direction and joint responsibility. This work has enabled a true sustainability for the projects below.

Every Penny Counts

Donations from ACEF supporters have made a real difference and money has been well spent:

  • Every child and adult in the school has had a warm, nourishing meal three times in the school week
  • Every orphan who lives in the school, around 250 students, has been fed every day of the week
  • Green toilets and washing facilities have been designed and built which provide sanitary facilities and also produce biogas
  • Every child can drink safe clean drinking water thanks to water tanks and water filters
  • Older girls have been provided with access to menstrual care
  • All the text books required by the school have been purchased and a library of reading books created providing access to learning for the students for years to come
  • Computers have been provided, most recently in partnership with IT Schools Africa
  • All the science equipment required for the practical science examinations has been purchased,
  • Medical and optical support has been provided to two key adults involved in supporting the students
  • Sports kit and equipment has been donated and purchased
  • Solar power panels provide basic access to electricity

The ACEF team is delighted to be able to report that less than 5% of our income is used to support our fundraising efforts in the UK.  We work hard to ensure that as near as possible every penny raised is used to support the education and development of the young people who attend Brainhouse Academy.



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